Specs War: Xbox One vs PS4 [Infographic]

The battle for the next-gen consoles due release through 2013 and 2014 is reaching its climax. Sony announced the PlayStation 4 back in February – and Microsoft presented the all-new Xbox 720 One earlier this May. Whilst some key information needed to make a final judgement still remain unclear, we have enough information to lay down the facts and know what to expect.

Plenty of analysts, commentators and gamers themselves have been vocal in their praise and criticism of the two consoles, and one of the stand-out issues with the PS4 is that, in making the announcement, Sony neglected to show the machine off in all its glory. The Xbox One, meanwhile, has divided opinion in terms of design, with many suggesting the set-top box overtones are reflective of a console that has forgotten about its gaming roots and gone all-out as a streaming TV device. Some even went as far as calling the Xbox One a VCR.

Xbox One Logo Playstation 4 Logo

As the infographic below points out, the two titans are very similar in terms of hardware, with both sporting 8 core CPUs and 8GB of RAM. The PlayStation 4′s GDDR5 RAM suggests a more forward-thinking approach compared with the Xbox One’s DDR3, but as you will see in the side-by-side below, there’s very little to pick between the two when it comes to raw hardware specs.

The infographic below was put together by Ralph Cifra from The Philippines.

Xbox One vs PS4 Infographic by Ralph Cifra


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