Amazon Testing Unmanned Drones For Delivery In 30 Minutes!

The internet supergiant Amazon has revealed that it is looking into giving customers the option of having their items delivered within an hour using drones. The new service is still very much in the testing process, but Amazon have confirmed that it will be called PrimeAir and will enable customers to receive items they order online within hours.

Amazon Prime Air Drone

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the drones, called Octocopters could deliver packages weighing up to 2.3kg – that’s around 86% of all orders.

Unmanned-vehicles (UMVs) still do not have enough awareness of the environment around them to make them safe enough to be flying around congested cities. Most national laws also prohibit the use of UMVs for civillian and commercial purposes so Amazon will also need to rally for political support.

Amazon also posted this video (below) showing a customer ordering online and receiving the package within 30 minutes courtesy of a drone.

Though the cost of building and running these drones is still undisclosed, Amazon still claim that the use of UMVs can make their service faster, cheaper and ultimately more efficient for the customer.

During an interview, Amazon CEO hoped to see these in mainstream action as early as 2015. But he also stressed that safety is the most important issue and so Amazon are working closely with federal laws to see if something is viable. It may also be interested to note that Australia’s law does not prohibit the use of UMVs for commercial purposes.

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