LG Chromebase All-In-One Chrome OS Computer Announced

LG have announced an all-in-one, Apple iMac look-alike machine built to run Google’s Chrome operating system. The company unveiled some information about the upcoming machine but promised to reveal full details in the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas next month.

LG Chromebase

The Chromebase runs an Intel Celeron processor backed by 2GB of RAM packed behind a full 1080p HD 21.5inch display. LG also announced that the Chromebase will have a 720p built in webcam, HDMI-in and USB 3.0 support. There was mention of an ethernet port and we assume that it will ship with WiFi too.

We are used to seeing most Chromebooks (Google OS laptops and netbooks) with small hard drives. Since Chrome OS has an emphasis on cloud storage, the Chromebase is no different and is expected to ship with a 16GB iSSD hard drive. I have no idea what the ‘i’ stands for…

No information has been provided about upgradability and price.

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