How To Jailbreak A4 Devices (iPod Touch 4th-gen) On iOS 6.1.5

Due to hardware limitations the first generation iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th-gen did not get the iOS 7 update. This is because iOS 7 requires atleast 512MB of RAM but the iPod Touch 4G only has 256MB. Never-the-less, an untethered jailbreak has been released for the latest iOS version for all A4 devices.

If you’re on iOS 7 consider following this tutorial instead.

How to jailbreak A4 devices (including iPod Touch 4G) on iOS 6.1.5

Before we start: This tutorial is compatible with iPad 1, iPod Touch 4th-gen and iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.5. Follow this tutorial at your own risk and check local jailbreaking laws before proceeding. This method involves two steps by which we will first jailbreak our device into a tethered mode and then use a Cydia tweak to make it untethered.

Step 1: You’ll need to restore/update your device to iOS 6.1.5 via iTunes. Do this the usual way by connecting your device to iTunes using the USB cable and click the Restore or Update button. You must do this through iTunes and not OTA or you may encounter errors.

Step 2: Download the iOS 6.0 IPSW file from here. And the latest version of Redsn0w from here.

Step 3: Now your iDevice has been restored to a fresh copy of iOS 6.1.5 you need to launch the Redsn0w application to get started with the jailbreak process.

Step 4: Once you have launched Redsn0w click Extra and then choose Select IPSW and browse for the IPSW file you downloaded in Step 2. Once you have done that, click Back and then click Jailbreak.

Step 5: You will now be prompted to follow the onscreen instructions to put your device into DFU mode to allow the software to implement the exploit. Just follow the steps onscreen. Your device will now reboot several times, and once the process is complete you will need to boot into a tethered jailbroken state.

Step 6: Now head back to Extra and click Select IPSW and choose the IPSW file you downloaded in Step 2. Then click the first option Just Boot. Similarly to Step 5 you will need to put your device into DFU mode again, but this time when the process completes you should see Cydia on your springboard.

Redsn0w 0.9.15b3

Step 7: Your device is currently in a tethered jailbreak condition. To remove this condition we are going to use a Cydia tweak…

Steo 8: Launch Cydia from your springboard and follow all the steps to set it up for the first time. Then head over to the Manage tab and add the source:

Step 9: Once all the packages from the new repo are updated, touch onto Return to Cydia and then head over to the Search tab and search for p0sixspwn. (Thats pee-zero-ess-eye-eks-ess-pee-double you-en).

Step 10: Install the package as in the image below and voila! Untethered iOS 6.1.5 jailbreak!


And finally, as requested – here is a video tutorial on jailbreaking the iPod Touch 4th-gen on iOS 6.1.5. If you’re on iOS 7.0.4 you can use this tutorial to jailbreak.

Update 25/12/13: If you can’t load the iH8sn0w repo try:
1 .Go to Manage > Sources
2. Tap onto the Cydia Repo
3. Scroll to P
4. You should see p0sixspwn
5. Install it

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