Breville Blend-Active VBL062 Personal Blender Review!

Blenders are a great way to stay healthy, enjoy exotic milkshakes and balance your diets with a range of foods, fruits and vegetables. Personal blenders are an upcoming craze since they enable you to make a quick smoothie or drink within seconds and require minimal washing up.

The Breville Blend-Active VBL062 Personal Blender is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon UK and rightly so. It brings extreme practicality to your life and enables you to enjoy quick mixes on the move.

Breville Blend-Active VBL062

It comes with a 600ml portable bottle, one-touch action blending with angled blades and a 300W motor. The entire unit takes up the same amount of space as a large Coca Cola bottle so storage will never be an issue. The included bottle acts as both a blending container and a portable bottle so you can drink your creation on the move.

What makes the Blend-Active so good is that it is quite literally touch-and-go. Fill the bottle up with your ingredients including fruits, vegetables, yoghurts, powders, milks and even ice(!) attach the blade and go ahead and start blending. In under 30 seconds your typical milk and berry smoothie will be ready and fit for drinking and all you need to do now is remove the blades and replace it with the bottle lid.

When it comes to washing up, the main motor unit goes back into the cupboard, the blades will do with a quick splash of water and the bottle can quickly and easily be rinsed out. If washing and rinsing really isn’t your thing – both the blades and the bottle are dishwasher safe too!

After only a handful of uses it becomes very clear why the Breville Blend-Active is such a popular choice. The 300W motors give plenty of oomph to crush through and blend ice and frozen fruits. Medium (75g-100g) strawberries also do not need to be chopped up. The blades also seem to handle the occasional seed as well but you are strongly recommend to remove these to avoid compromise on taste.

Breville Blend-Active VBL062 2

Build quality is more than adequate. There are no loose ends or gaping holes and the suction grips on the bottom of the unit do a great job stopping the blender from slipping and sliding about whilst in use. After two weeks of use I have seen absolutely no signs of wear on the motor or plastic gears used to spin the blade.

There are only two minor downfalls I can find from the Breville VBL062. The lid on the bottle may not suit everyone, and sometimes proves difficult to open and close. Some may also not like the touch-to-blend action whereby you have to hold down the button to blend. The personal blender may appeal to more people if there was a lock mechanism so your ingredients can be blended whilst you get on with something else.

Breville Blend-Active VBL062 Personal Blender:

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