Telegram Beta Released For Windows Phone – WhatsApp Still Missing

Telegram is one of the many cross-platform messaging services available to smartphone users. Similar to the market leader WhatsApp, telegram uses your data plan to send and receive messages and media.

Telegram does give itself several unique selling points to try and pull in users from WhatsApp, BBM, VIber and the likes. There is an option for a self-destruct feature where messages are automatically deleted after a given time period. It also allows users to transfer files up to 1GB in size in addition to all messages using end-to-end encryption leaving no traces on the Telegram servers.


WhatsApp is yet to find it’s way into the Windows Phone (WP) ecosystem. Though it’s available on iOS, Android and Blackberry – there has been no indication of a release date for WP users.

Telegram, on the other hand, has an unofficial client released on the WP Market where users can make use of all the features of Telegram. It’s still in Beta, and it is not an official application but it seems to be gaining a lot of traction.

This could potentially be big move for Telegram. When Facebook announced it’s takeover of WhatsApp, Telegram saw over five million downloads the following day. If Telegram manage to monopolize the WP market, there may be very little WhatsApp can do upon it’s late arrival.

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