Why There Won’t Be An iPad Mini

Speculations of an iPad Mini have been flying around for months now, and personally I am sick and tired of the nonsense. I could write a novel on why Apple would never even dream of releasing a so-called iPad Mini — the obvious answer being the iPod Touch!

It seems laughable that the tech world is holding its breath (face turning blue after the WWDC let-down) over an iPad Mini which simply does not fit Apple’s traditional standards. And what’s worse? The critics have all jumped onto the boat because Bloomberg said it so they must be right; or WJC are never wrong.

I have never known Apple to cut the quality of their products entirely to place a new price-tag on a line-up. Back in 2008, Samsung, Fujitsu and Toshiba were all making laptops with Dual Core processors and 4GB RAM which outrivalled the ill-priced MacBooks of that time. Apple made no re-adjustments to their line-up to slash the prices of their MacBooks in half, and like-wise they will not do the same with the iPad.

The launch of the cheaper Google Nexus 7 tablet has amplified rumours.

And quite frankly, a smaller iPad is a bigger iPod.

The only light I see being shed onto this situation is the idea of Apple offering customizable iPads (as they do with their OS X line-up). So users can choose between a 7inch and a 9inch iPad which different processing capabilities. But, in terms of a business point-of-view, that would be marketing suicide as the iPad Mini will probably kill off the original iPad.

Let’s look at this from a global prospective… Not everyone can afford to walk into an Apple store and pick up and iPad like groceries. I have personally seen many people using an iPhone simply because it is an iPhone not acknowledging the capabilities of its power. For this reason, I see masses of (brainwashed) people purchasing the iPad Mini simply because it is an iPad.

“The reason we won’t make a seven-inch tablet isn’t because we don’t want to hit a lower price point, it’s because we think the screen is too small to express the software.” – Steve Jobs, 2010.

I could be proven wrong, and perhaps the core philosophy of Apple has been changed. Perhaps keeping the iPhone 3GS in the iOS6 update is a hint for no iPhone 5, and instead an iPad to keep the fiends happy.

Just to round off my argument, there won’t be an iPad Mini because:

  • A smaller iPad is a bigger iPod
  • Apple are not known for reducing the quality or prices of their hardware
  • Apple already ridiculed “smaller Android tablets” in previous events
  • Like the original iPad, the Google Nexus Tab is still very primitive and does not directly compete with the specs of the latest iPad
  • Apple are not likely to release two iPads in one year
  • Launch will go directly against Apple founder Steve Jobs’ wishes

However, there may be an iPad Mini becuase:

  • iOS6 is available to the iPhone 3GS, this suggest there may not be an iPhone 5 and so an iPad Mini will replace the release of a newer iPhone
  • Apple want to maintain a significant Global marketshare without any sacrficies to Google
  • Previous leaks suggest a new tablet would be on sale later this year

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