How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller With PlayStation 3

I personally prefer the ergonomics of an Xbox controller over the dual shock controllers by Sony. I only ever play games like Grand Theft Auto and FIFA and so the asymmetrical positioning of the Xbox analogue sticks suite me a whole lot more.

For those interested: the basic idea behind the asymmetrical analogue sticks is that the left stick is in reach of the natural position of your thumb whilst gripping the controllers. This should enhance your gameplay experience – and it certainly does for me.

How to use an Xbox 360 controller with PS3

There are several ways you can use a ‘360 controller with your PS3. I’m going to mention two ways that work best for me – they’re also the cheapest methods too!

First Method

The first way is to use an adaptor. This plugs into your conventional ‘360 controller and then into your PS3 and you can use your Xbox 360 controller just like that. The problem with the cheaper adaptors is that your controller becomes wired so you wont be free to move around the room.

I like the adaptor made by Mayflash. Its plug and play and also allows turbo mode on selective buttons at your discrepancy. It’s quite an investment for someone who wants to try this as a one-off, so there is a cheaper alternative adaptor; both of which are listed below:

Second Method

The second way isn’t really a method, but it’s cheap and ideal if you want to eliminate the mess of an adaptor and have the option of an Xbox-style controller whenever you want.

You can simply purchase 3rd-party controllers that have been designed with Xbox ergonomics but have the chip for PlayStation 3. My favourite manufacturer of these is a company called Gioteck, and a wireless controller will set you back just £20. If you’re on a budget, PowerA also do a controller for about half the price. Links to purchase are below:

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