Huawei To Invest £125M In United Kingdom


Huawei have made major gains in the smartphone market in the far east and want to show the rest of the world they are not stopping there.

As a part of their new investment plan, the Chinese multinational want to open a new facility in Bristol which will be focused on researching IC chips, software and analog chip technology. Huawei have announced this facility is expected to open sometime later this year, initially employing 30 people.

By the end of the year, Huawei said that it expects to employ 140 R&D staff across the UK as part of it’s “UK Innovation Program” – and increase this number to 300 by 2017. Former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, recently travelled to China to meet Huawei’s founder to welcome the move.

“I am delighted that today Huawei are announcing a new R&D centre in the UK,” said Osborne. “The decision of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker to innovate in Britain is testament to the outstanding quality of our highly skilled workforce and further evidence that our long term economic plan is working.”

Guo Ping, acting CEO at Huawei, said “The UK is forward-thinking, progressive, and fosters innovation. This creativity is a major asset to our R&D efforts and gives us the perfect platform to continue pioneering the new, ground-breaking technologies that are building the future. We are committed to working with our customers and partners in the UK to leverage our global presence and customer-centric approach to innovation, bringing value to the UK ICT industry and helping its products and technologies go global.”

Huawei opened it’s first UK office in 2001, and since then has opened an additional 14 offices across the country employing over 900 people.

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