Unicode 7.0 Brings 250 New Emojis To iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

The latest update by the Unicode Consortium packs 2,834 new characters of which 250 are emojis. Unicode is one of many systems used to convert binary digital signals (1’s and 0’s) to characters you see on your screen. Unicode was drafted to be a universal code used by all manufacturers to ensure characters could be used across platforms without any issues.

Unicode 7

The latest update as announced in a blog post reveals that 250 new emojis will be part of the new release.

This new release includes new currency symbols including the Russian Ruble, and several interesting new emojis. Some of the most notable new editions include “hot pepper”, “spy”, “man in business suit levitating”, “reversed hand with middle finger extended” and “raised hand with part between middle and ring fingers” more commonly known as the Vulcan salute from Star Trek.

There will also be extended support for several languages and other interesting symbols include the Indian Om symbol, a black droplet, a thermometer, a white sun, fog, military medal, reminder ribbon, camera with flash, rolled up newspaper, chipmunk, cityscape, dove of peace and the fax sign.

Manufactures such as Apple, Blackberry, Google and Microsoft who are already in the Unicode Consortium will need to update their software(s) before we see these new symbols flying around. It’s expected that Apple will bring the update in iOS 8 later this year, and Google will release a minor Android update within the coming weeks.

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