Microsoft Manual Suggests Surface Mini Is On Its Way

A small slip-up in the user manual of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 suggests that a Surface Mini may well be in the works. Though the announcement cannot be categorized as official, the mention of a Surface Mini has encouraged us to believe it’s existence.

The user manual for the Surface Pro 3, available on the Microsoft website, refers to the Surface Mini several times throughout. It’s clear that everywhere the term appears, Microsoft really meant Surface Pro 3 – but for some reason or another they keep referring to a device that the tech world has been speculating for over a year!

Microsoft Surface Mini Rumour

This is not the only Surface Pro 3 related slip-up either. Microsoft accidentally listed the Surface Pro 3 in it’s support pages well before the actual device was even launched.

The slip-ups in the user manual also confirm that the Surface Mini will come with pen support as speculated. Surface Pen currently comes with bluetooth technology that connects the digital pen to the tablet.

Microsoft have now fixed the error and the current version of the manual on their website no longer features the mistakes. Microsoft have also declined to comment on reports related to the sized-down tablet; but nothing is ever deleted from the internet, is it?

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