Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is “Impossible” To Upgrade Or Repair

Microsoft Surface Pro

A recent teardown of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet by iFixIt has shown that the tablet is “impossible” to upgrade or repair.

The results published by the gadget-repairing company said that the Surface Pro 3 was equally difficult to repair as it’s predecessor; the Surface Pro 2. iFixIt, who have managed to successfully tear down every piece of tech from iMacs to MacBook Airs, said that it was impossible to remove the Surface Pro 3 screen without breaking it.

The final report said that Microsoft use adhesive glue to attach all the components of the tablet, and in order to remove the screen it needed to be heated. This meant that once it cooled down, the screen would crack – hence making opening the device useless.

They gave it a score of 1 out of a possible 10 points for ease of repairing. This is equal to the Surface Pro 2 which was also given a score of one, but used over 90 torx screws to hold it together.

The obvious problem here is that users will have to max out the specifications they want from factory – which often means paying a ridiculously high price for upgrades from the standard spec. However, Microsoft would have had to design the build of the Surface Pro 3 as it is to achieve the phenomenal slim profile.

You can see the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 page on iFixIt here.

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