GTA Online Heists Missions Detailed In Leak

GTA 5 Online Heists

The recent I Am Not A Hipster update left out the highly anticipated GTA Online Heist missions without providing any future release dates. But, YouTuber DomisLive has leaked details on the upcoming Online Heist missions – with credits to Lazy Gamer and Demetri.

DomisLive discusses the contents of a file which he claims contains details of GTA Online Heists. According to his sources, he believes there are a total of eight heists which are outlined below.

Rockstar has already issued an apology for the delay and promise to bring it as soon as possible. With GTA V’s next-gen release imminent, some may suggest Online Heists will not be making their way to our consoles until PS4, PC and Xbox One users have access to GTA 5.

GTA V Online Heist Leak DomisLive

Prison Van Rescue

When cops busy – Criminals intercept a noose van driven by NPC’s and free the gang member then take him back to the gang house. 16 cops and 16 criminals can join the mission.

Drof Off Hooker

Blips will appear in player’s territories. Player has to go and pick up a prostitute and drop her off somewhere.


Gang members must escort a Lieutenant’s hearse through town. Rival gang members have to get in the hearse and destroy it.

Territory Takeover

Players can fight to take over territory in the game, this will produce a revenue stream for them.

Fight Gangmate

Two team mates have to have a fist fight with each other as part of the initiation.

Cop Territory

Cops are put into the territory take over missions, they get no choice whether to take them or not.

Ornate Bank Heist

Get behind the counter of the bank, hack in to the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop-off location. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission.

FIB Grab

4 crew. 3 abseilers, 1 driver. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission. All 4 heli to FIB roof. 3 abseil down the tower, smash window into office and hack a data terminal to get classified data. Meanwhile, driver dumps chopper and collects getaway car. Skydive out of the office to the getaway car and escape to gang house. Cops join once crook is inside the office, cops are told to arrest the crooks.

DomisLive leaked the I Am Not A Hipster update well before it was announced by Rockstar, but we cannot verify the accuracy of the leak, so we recommend toy take it with a pinch of salt.

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