Microsoft Nokia 130 Will Retail For Only £15!

Microsoft’s first mobile phone after it’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile-manufacturing division is a super-budget mobile phone aimed at the third-world and developing countries.

The Nokia 130 was announced to retail at only $25/£15/€19 in order to give over 1 billion people access to a mobile phone.

Microsoft Nokia 130

The basic feature phone will have a 1.8inch colour screen, video playback, MP3 playback, built-in flashlight and Bluetooth. What makes this phone special is that it will also have expandable memory via a MicroSD card for video and music playback – however it is hard to quantify how many people will be willing to watch a video on a miniscule 1.8inch screen.

This is a strong step forward by Microsoft in order to re-establish the Nokia brand on the worldwide platform. Whether or not it will be popular is another story altogether.

It would have been ideal if Microsoft had at least included a VGA rear camera on the device to make it something special. It has seemingly been designed to bring the third-world up to date with having a mobile phone (and the MicroSD expansion is a fantastic leap forward!) but the addition of a camera would have surely made it unbeatable.

Microsoft have announced that they plan to launch the Nokia 130 some time during this quarter. China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam will be first to get their hands on the feature phone but there seem to be no plans of bringing it to the UK market.

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