FIFA 15 Demo Teams Confirmed

Football and gaming fans around the world will know that the release of FIFA 15 by EA Sports is just around the corner. The new sequel will feature new stadiums, faces and chants whilst keeping the same game engine as 2014.

As was the case last year, a demo version will be available as a digital download from the PSN and Xbox Live networks for free. This is designed to showcase the game as a teaser.

New teams this year include Napoli, Liverpool and Chelsea – whilst Dortmund, Barcelona, PSG, Boca Juniors and Manchester City keep their place on the demo title.

We expect the new entries will showcase the more accurate faces of the players along with the ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ chant familiar to all Liverpool fans.

FIFA 15 Demo Teams

As was the case last year, some of the biggest football clubs from around the world are still not represented in the demo version of FIFA. Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, Galatasaray, Manchester United and several others are still absent. The inclusion of three premier league teams, however, may not only represent the size and significance of the biggest league in the world – but also of a new partnership between EA and the English Football Association.

A full team list is yet to be announced – but we expect Ghana will find it’s way back in to the international rankings. Iran and Costa Rica are also rumoured to be featured in the game’s teams’ list after their run in this year’s World Cup competition.

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