Hate Cleaning? These 5 New Devices Will Do It For You

Don’t worry. This article isn’t about cleaning advice. We aren’t that cruel – and besides, we hate cleaning too. Even though various sites with cleaning tips or lifehacks have taken most of the challenge out of nightmarish household tasks, the dream (if most of us are honest with ourselves) is not to do any cleaning at all.

Fortunately, if you’re like us and dust tends to pile inches-deep on the desk before anything is done about it, there’s a wide range of cool robots out there that will happily do your dirty work for you.

Or at least they would be happy, if they weren’t robots.

5. The iRobot Roomba

The archetypal robot hoover: it’s been around a while, and you’re probably familiar with it as a novelty in the house of your richest and most showy friend, because it carries a £600 price tag. But it’s more than a fancy gadget – in terms of saving you precious time and effort, getting your hands on even one of the more basic floor cleaning robots is one of the best cleaning tips anyone can give you.

But it’s worth it: Roombas are smart enough not to concuss themselves on chair legs, and they have specialised spot cleaning functions. They’re also big enough that you won’t need to empty them after every use, and they’ll happily clean up your floor while you’re out socialising or reading the I Ching. Or splayed comatose in front of Location Location Location. Don’t worry: it’s a robot. It isn’t judging you.

Failing that, you can use it for its secondary function (as seen in about a million YouTube videos): inefficient cat transportation.

4. The touchless bathroom (and kitchen)

Motion-sensing hand dryers and taps have been used in restaurants and service stations for decades. And it turns out that service stations were actually ahead of the curve – these systems cut down dramatically on the amount of cleaning required in your home.

High quality sensor technology and increasingly smart software are starting to make completely “touchless” bathrooms and kitchens a household reality. They have the added benefit of environmental friendliness too, because they limit the amount of water and detergent used. Finally, it’s possible to be green, clean, and lazy. Just the way we like it.

3. The Looj 330

Another innovation from the good people at iRobot: it might look like the world’s least efficient egg whisk super-glued to a chainsaw, but it means you’ll never have to manually declutter a gutter ever again.

It runs on tracks, so all you need to do is turn it on and stick it in the gutter, and it’ll do the rest.

It might cost £300 (we’re sensing a theme with iRobot’s products here), but hey – that’s a fair price for never having unblock your drains with a trowel ever again.

2. The Ecovacs Winbot

The Winbot has two strengths: an awesome name, and the ability to put window cleaners out of business. It sticks to glass surfaces with suction cups and cleans your windows, its front pad washing and its back pad drying and polishing.

Its sensors measure the area of the window so it can clean intelligently without breaking anything or falling off, using a zig-zag pattern to minimise staining and maximise efficiency.

It’s like a Roomba for your windows – but not as good at transporting cats.

The price, as always, is the downside. £300 is a bit steep, but think about it: you might spend up to 2 hours a month cleaning windows. 2 whole hours of your life that you’ll never ever get back. Might as well pay a little extra to reclaim them; after all, no life hack or list of cleaning tips can bring that time down to zero.

1. The Ecovacs Atmbot

You may not know it, but your air is filthy. Fortunately, the Atmbot can help you with that.

Ecovacs’ coolest invention yet intelligently measures the level of air pollution in a room, and deals with it accordingly: trapping and neutralising any impurities. That may not sound like much – but once you’ve installed it you’ll never have to do any dusting ever again.

The future is here.

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