Irresistible Mobile Games That You’ll Wish You Never Knew About!

The 21st century has brought with it a new dawn of technology and the allied vices, just as there are rehab centers for Facebook users there are rehabilitation centers for other kind of tech addicts as well, which includes gamers, coders, downloaders etc. Here are a few mobile games which try their best to get you into the zone of addiction, so much so that you wish that you had never known them before.

Subway Surfers

This is quite the classic among the new and not so new mobile games that can keep the players hooked for hours or even days without unplugging the phone from the charging point. This addictive game has a number of bonus points, a jetpack, plethora of hoverboards with special features and lightning fast swipe acrobatics. This is a game that will acutely test your reflexes and it is all about dodging, dashing, collecting the coins while jumping over running trains and avoiding the mean police man with the dog. The special gifts and new challenge each day keeps the game alive. And each season you can try out new locations which will unravel new bonus features as well as new multipliers. All of these make the game quite hard to resist.

Temple Run

Temple Run is another name from the classics list; this game also tests your lightning fast reflexes. Collect as many gems as possible while trying to dodge the obstacles, jumping over the rivers and broken bridges and outrunning the giant beast chasing you for stealing the idol. With no set goal, the only aim of this game is to set a new record each time you start running by collecting the maximum number of gems possible without having to fall in the hands of the Evil Demon Monkey chasing you. Feel free to lose yourself in the game; just remember that when your creditors come knocking at your door, these gems will not do the job, you’ll have to seek help from companies like National Debt Relief!

Smash Hit

If you have a knack for breaking things, then Smash Hit must be your forte. A very simple game that is made to test your aiming skills and response time, the full version of this new game is quite a challenge many avid gamers are ready to accept. Smash your obstacles and move forward to new levels with interesting bonuses and rewards. Collect marbles by smashing the hurdles and keep moving. As simple as it gets, Smash Hit is a game for all ages.

Do not tap the White Tile

A very interesting and challenging game that will test your co-ordination as well as responses, DO Not Tap the White Tile has at least 10 different levels with different settings and requirements. The background score of the music is quite the treat and corresponds to your movements. All you have to do to progress through the levels is not tap the white tile. Although it sounds too simple to be too good, the speed and the effects make this game a dare for the seasoned gamers. These are also the same factors which contribute to the game becoming extremely addictive.

Jetpack Joyride

An old school arcade game that never loses its charm; the Jetpack Joyride is simple, fun and extremely addictive. This game falls in the category of “Hold your Finger to go up” category which also has unique powerups. Collect items in your coffer to multiply your winnings and keep flying by avoiding the obstacles. But once you make a mistake all your progress with be wiped clean and you will have to begin from scratch and that is the very fact that appeals to the avid gamers.

Gabatron: Kill the Humans

This is a mobile game that doubles up as a role playing game as well. This allows the players to be aliens whose sole aim is to wipe the human race clean. Instead to protecting earth, in Gabatron you get to destroy its beings to take over earth and pick up your alien friends. This is definitely the next Angry Birds of gaming world. This game also comes with a number of powerups which allows you to modify your claws and upgrade your spaceship as the levels progress.

Stupid Zombies

Quite similar to Angry Birds in the theme, the Stupid Zombies is the popular favorite where you get to take head shots at zombies who are threatening to kill you. All the player has to do is choose an avatar and ready his or her shotgun. Although the name may remind one of Plants vs. Zombies, this game is miles apart when it comes to the features. The main goal of the game is to use the ricochet of the bullets to kill as many zombies as possible without wasting more shots that absolutely necessary.

Candy Crush Saga

This has to be the most addictive game of the decade. There is not even an amateur gamer who has not heard of this wondrous game where one has to break jellies to finish a game. Attain 3 stars in each level and unlock the dreamworld beyond level 50 with Tiffy and Mr. Toffee. Escape the mundane world in the company of Odus the owl into Candy Kingdom by simply switching and matching. The Candy Crush Saga has taken the touchphone users by storm and it looks like it is here to stay. In case one runs out of lives or is unable to complete a particular level one may simply escape that level by paying a nominal fee. It is no wonder that this game has been voted the most addictive game ever.

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