How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview (Beta) On Mac With Parallels Desktop

Microsoft have decided to ditch the idea of Windows 9 altogether and begin working on Windows 10. Currently, users have the ability to download and install a technical preview of Windows 10 which is a beta version of the OS to be launched. Users have been warned it is full of bugs and has been primarily been made available to check for bugs and begin development for new Windows applications.

Apple Mac OS X users can virtually run Windows 10 using many of the virtualisation softwares available. This tutorial will give you step-by-step directions on how to successfully install Windows 10 using Parallels Desktop – although other virtualisation applications will follow similar steps.

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview using Parallels Desktop

This tutorial has been tested on a Mac Mini 2012 running OS X Mavericks and Parallels Desktop v9. Though Windows 10 is not officially supported by Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp just yet, users with similar specs should be fine. For confirmation purposes here are the recommended requirements:

  • OS X 10.8 or above
  • Parallels Desktop 9 or above
  • 4GB RAM or above
  • At least 11GB of hard drive space

Step 1: Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview from the Microsoft website here. You need to follow the links to download the ISO file. Users with Intel-based Macs and atleast 4GB RAM should be looking to download the 64-bit version.

Step 2: Once the download has completed, launch Parallels Desktop and the click File New.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 2

Step 3: Select the option Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file and then click Continue.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 3

Step 4: Now select Image file on the new screen and then locate the ISO file you downloaded in step 1. You may see a warning saying the OS was not recognised by Parallels – ignore this and click Continue. This message may appear because Parallels Desktop is not compatible with Windows 10 at the time of writing.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 4

Step 5: You will be prompted to manually select the operating system. Here scroll through to More Windows Other Windows and then click OK.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 5

Step 6: Next give your virtual OS a name. We recommend Windows 10 or Windows 10 TP for simplicity. You can also change the location where files will be stored, however the default Parallels folder in your documents will work just fine. The click Continue.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 6

Step 7: Parallels will now load the ISO image file and begin the installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview. Once this step is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set up of the virtual OS.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 7aHow To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 7b

Step 8: When asked where you want to install windows, select the first partition option. It’s a virtual, resizeable partition created by Parallels that will take up the minimum space required by the OS. In this case it is approximately 10GB.

How To Install Windows 10 TP Parallels 9 Step 8

Step 9: Once this process has completed, you are done! You now have Windows 10 Technical Preview installed on Parallels Desktop. You can safely delete the ISO image file downloaded in step 1 now.

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