WhatsApp Voice Calling Revealed In New Update Leak

Just earlier this year, in February, WhatsApp announced that it was working on bringing voice calling to it’s popular  mobile messaging client. Now, several months on it seems the Facebook-owned company is ready to roll out voice calling integrated in to it’s standard app.

The leak comes directly from WhatsApp’s own website – where new features are usually published before the apps are updated. This usually suggests there is a delay between WhatsApp pushing the update through the respective app stores and the update actually becoming available to end users.

This new update was originally discovered by a Dutch tech blog called Android World. Based on the uncovered information, you’ll soon be able to make voice and video calls (where supported) over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks. Still, calls will be limited app-to-app, but the massive user-share of the WhatsApp client hardly makes this a problem.

Though no official screenshots and images have been revealed, Android World was able to create some idea of what the new feature may look like on Android devices.

WhatsApp Voice Calling LeakWhatsApp Voice Calling Log Leak
It’s unclear whether voice calling for WhatsApp will be available before the end of 2014, but we expect an update roll-out very soon.

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