The Sony Xperia Z3 Also Suffers From Bending

Only a week after launch the iPhone 6 Plus was all over the news for the wrong reasons. Users were posting reports that there new Apple device was bending, especially when kept in their trouser back pockets.

The Xperia Z3 smartphone from Sony also seems to have the same issue. A Google+ user noticed that his Z3 was susceptible to bending when stressed in his tight jeans’ pocket. According to the user, the phone had bent in his friend’s pocket, and given the similarity with the iPhone 6 Plus issues, he concluded that it was directly linked to the design of the device.


This is what happens when you put an Xperia Z3 in your pocket. I previously owned a Z1 and that blew up on me. This is my friends Z3, another has a Z3 compact and the back cracked from normal usage. Conclusion: Xperia Z Phones are subpar and not worth the money, too many failures to ignore.

The Z3 uses glass for its exterior construction, with the display and back both being covered. For Z3 owners this should be an alarming concern given that metal can withstand some stress whereas glass with usually crack or worse, shatter.

Sony Xperia Z3 Bendgate

This is a result of manufactures pushing to design mobile handsets with slimmer profiles. Now-a-days, mobile phones are becoming slimmer whilst the surface area increases as a result of larger display screens. This inevitably affects the chances of a device being bent, even when put under very little stress.

Sony Xperia Z3 Bendgate 2

These bending issues are arising as a result of more premium devices being built from metal alloys which, unlike the poly-plastic predecessors, are a lot more malleable. Thinner devices are more likely to bend unless designers take extra steps to strengthen the frame of the device or switch to using a new material altogether.

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