Microsoft Announces Nokia 215 For Only $29

When Microsoft purchased Nokia’s failing mobile division, the world questioned how they were going to alter the fate of the once-popular mobile phone manufacturer that is now on a steep decline.

Today, Microsoft announced the Nokia 215. A cheap, $29 mobile phone tailored for developing markets. It’s selling price and features have been adapted to hopefully increase the company’s marketshare in the Eastern Hemisphere and give Microsoft a stronger foundation to build upon.

Interestingly, the Nokia 215 has access to apps and internet. It will be shipped with the Opera Mini browser (surprisingly, no Internet Explorer!?) and Facebook Messenger. The phone will also be able to run other applications including Twitter.

A built-in flashlight is another headline addition, but Microsoft made it clear that such features would make the device popular in it’s target market where there may be no guaranteed access to electricity.

Nokia 215 Green

The Nokia 215 will surely attract budget purchases in African nations as well as Asia. Microsoft announced the phone as its “most affordable internet-ready entry-level phone yet”, saying that it would be “perfectly suited for first-time mobile phone buyers or as a secondary phone for just about anyone”.

The phone also has a VGA (0.3MP) rear camera, 8MB RAM and expandable MicroSD memory. The display is a 2.6inch 240×320 TFT colour LCD.

It has not been confirmed whether the phone is WhatsApp ready, however if it did have a WiFi edition this would surely be a hot seller all over the globe!

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