WhatsApp Launches Web Client For Google Chrome

WhatsApp is here for desktop thanks to a web client that launched today for Google Chrome browsers and Android. Earlier rumours have now been confirmed, and a new client which points to web.whatsapp.com has been launched.

WhatsApp Logo

“The primary use for WhatsApp is still of course your mobile” a spokesperson said, “but there are lots of people who spend time in front of the computer at home and work and this will help bridge the gap.”

Your phone will need to stay connected to the web in order for the service to work and all user messages will continue to reside on your phone, but WhatsApp is hoping the client will give its users more flexibility.

A spokesperson has also said that WhatsApp hope to bring similar functionality to iOS very soon, but no timeframe has been given. On the company blog following the launch of the web client, WhatsApp cited “Apple platform limitations” as the reason to why the client is not yet compatible with iOS.

The client works simply by mirroring the WhatsApp application on your Android device. Users need to launch a Chrome window and head to web.whatsapp.com and then scan the displayed QR code using their mobile device to link the two. After following those simple steps, the web client and the Android device will be linked and users can access their conversation through either.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on whether WhatsApp bring support to iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone – but for now, Android users: try it out!

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