Top 5 ALT Key Shortcuts On Mac

Years ago when Apple first launched the desktop Macintosh line with a single-click mouse button, Steve Jobs was quoted saying that having one hand on the mouse and another on the keyboard made the experience more immersive. And that is probably why using the ALT (sometimes known as Option) key opens you up to so many more new shortcuts!

ALT Option Key Mac

So, in typical Technouz fashion, I have rounded up the very best five ALT-key shortcuts and compiled them in to a simple list. All these shortcuts have been tested on OS X 10.9 and above. They probably all work on any version of OS X and above – but this is not confirmed.

Without any further ado, here’s your top 5 list:

Top 5 ALT-key shortcuts on Mac

1. Status bar shortcuts

ALT click on volume symbol = change audio input

ALT click on WiFi symbol = more information about current WiFi connection

ALT click on Bluetooth symbol = more information about your current Bluetooth connection

2. Safari download shortcut

ALT click on a link or file to download the content of the link, or the file, to your downloads folder.

3. Duplicate shortcut

ALT drag = press the ALT key and drag icons, files, text and almost anything else will duplicate it.

4. Window focus shortcut

ALT Click a window from the dock = will hide all windows except the one you just opened from the dock.

5. Window resizing shortcut

ALT Click full screen button = Maximise the window to the best size for the current resolution. This will not necessarily make it full screen, but make it large enough to ensure all content fits without scrolling.

ALT + drag and edge/border of a window to resize the window mirrored around the centre of the screen rather than pulling the borders out asymmetrically.

Those are the top five ALT/Option key shortcuts for Mac. They’re designed to make your use of Apple’s OS more immersive and productive. Enjoy using them, and if you feel you know of shortcuts that should be here instead, be sure to tweet us!

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