Download Official iOS 9 Wallpaper Here

Apple have just hit the stage and announced iOS 9. For those who cannot wait to get in to the groove of the latest edition of the mobile operating system, you can download the iOS 9 wallpaper using the link at the bottom of this page. iOS 9 brings an all-new Maps application with support for public transport, along with split-screen multitasking on the iPad and a totally revamped Notes application. There are plenty of other very subtle changes made to iOS 9 which generally make it an improvement to it’s predecessor. The biggest surprise for iOS 9 is that the iPhone 4S is still supported. iOS 8 cut out any possible upgrade for the iPhone 4, and it was expected that in similar fashion the iPhone 4S would have been left out in the cold this time round. But Apple have claimed that iOS 9 is more refined and requires less processing power and power to run, therefore improving battery life and adding compatibility for the older generation iPhone 4S. iOS 9 Wallpaper

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