HooToo TripMate HT-TM05 Review

The HooToo TripMate HT-TM05 is a three-in-one travel companion device that will keep your portable media craves at bay. It features a power bank, network attached storage and wireless router all within one shell.

HooToo TripMate HT-TM05

HooToo, though not too well known in the UK or US market, is a subsidiary of RAVPower so you can be assured of quality. I was previously very impressed with other RAVPower products I reviewed, and the HooToo TripMate was nothing short of impressive.

The HooToo TripMate HT-TM05 has a built-in 10400mAh internal battery to charge devices including smartphones and tablets via an USB port with an output rating of 2.1A. This is sufficient to charge large smartphones and tablets at full speed. A generous capacity of 10400mAh means that the TripMate can charge an iPhone 6 several times over, from zero.

The TripMate can also be used as a wireless router to create a network connection to the internet. Many places of work and hotels offer Ethernet connection ports to connect to a network, however these are no use to those who carry only smartphones and tablets. The HooToo TripMate HT-TM05 has an ethernet port that can be connected to the wall socket to create a personal WiFi network to which your mobile devices can connect to.

Finally, the TripMate has a USB-in port to enable it to act as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) server. Users can connect any USB hard drive or flash drive to share over a network. This can enable you to stream movies, pictures, files and documents without having to store them on your local machine.

The HooToo TripMate HT-TM05 has been designed and built with portability in mind – and I believe HooToo have done a very good job. They have fitted a very large capacity battery along with networking functionality in to a very compact shell. The TripMate will easily fit in to any small carry bag which makes it a very ideal companion on short trips or longer journeys.

The build is very solid and feels incredibly robust. There are rubber flaps which protect the ports from dust and bumps, however these flaps do sometimes feel a bit flimsy and reduce the general aesthetics of the product.

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