1Byone Video Intercom Review

The 1Byone Video Intercom is ideal for those who want to add an intercom system to their property door post-construction. This video intercom can be added to almost any door that supports a simple electronic lock.

1Byone Video Intercom

Features of the 1Byone Video Intercom:

  • 7inch colour LCD screen
  • 90 degrees camera viewing angle
  • Nightmare with Infrared light (built in)
  • Rainproof and anti-oxidation camera unit
  • Hands-free communication
  • Simple operation – only three buttons
  • Relatively straight-forward installation for DIY enthusiasts
  • Automatic gain control
  • Option to add additional camera unit

The camera unit is to be mounted outside your door. It features only a single button which is pressed to ring the bell, along with a 90 degrees viewing-angle camera, speaker and microphone all house in a secure and sealed unit. This particular unit also features several Infrared LEDs so the camera can pick up an image in low-light conditions.

The 1Byone Video Intercom camera unit is also shipped with a ‘hood’ that helps prevents the glare of the sun from distorting the image from the camera unit as well as providing extra protection from rain and other outdoor weather.

1Byone Video Intercom Camera Unit

On the other end of the setup, there is a tablet-sized receiver featuring three buttons (answer, unlock and video) a 7inch colour screen, microphone and speaker. To the side of the unit are also controls for brightness and volume.

1Byone Video Intercom Wall Unit

This unit is design to be mounted to the wall at around 140cm-170cm for easy access and use. The camera unit feeds sound and video to wall unit, and the wall unit sends only sound to the camera unit. This means the resident can see and hear the person at the door, whereas the person at the door can only hear the resident.

Unlike some other alternatives, the 1Byone Video Intercom does not feature a pick-up receiver. This allows for an easy hands-free operation. Pick-up receivers are usually preferred as they help reduce background noise and make it easier for the receiver to hear the visitor outside, however the 1Byone Video Intercom receiver has automatic gain control which should assist in ensuring sound is clear and audible.

The 1Byone Video Intercom comes packaged with a 15m cable to connect from the camera unit to the wall unit. This length is barely sufficient for small, 1-bedroom apartments Рespecially if you are to professionally install the system and run the cable discretely. The cable contains four wires, and luckily is very easily purchased from any DIY or electrical store: just ask for some 0.75 square four-core cable.

This cable can then be laid out and connect to the camera unit at one end and the wall unit at the other. A power adapter is required to be connected to the wall unit only.

1Byone Video Intercom Cabling

The long-term durability of 1Byone Video Intercom can be questioned. The wall unit is constructed solely from plastic and the LCD screen does not use any high-quality parts we have become accustomed to in smartphones. Out of the box, the buttons on both the camera unit and the wall unit have some unnecessary  movement which may only get worse after prolonged use.

With that aside, the 1Byone Video Intercom is generally a well-constructed product for its price tag. For those looking for a clean, simple and feature-filled telecom system, I would quite happily recommend the 1Byone Video Telecom.

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