Switching From Android To iPhone

When you are looking for a smartphone, there are basically two operating systems you can choose from. Well, there are more of course but Android and iOS are the giants of the market. This is why the rivalry between those two has been aggravating for years now.

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A trend to switch from Android to Apple?

Since the introduction of the iPhone 6 it is said that more Android users are switching to Apple’s device, which is an important gain for the company. But it is not only necessary to attract new customers, brands should also hold on to their current users. This is something that Apple already does. It seems that iPhone users are much more loyal to their brand than other smartphone users. This is because the devices of Apple are much simpler and more user-friendly than the product of other brands. Is it becoming a trend to switch from an Android device to the iPhone?

Differences between Android and Apple devices

Many people argue over which operating system is better. However, it is hard to say because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on what you are looking for. The advantages of Android is that the devices have more settings so you can personalise your device and the option to add widgets (shortcuts to larger applications). Android also offers the possibility to expand the memory with a microSD card and the battery can get replaced easily. With an iPhone however, you have less chances on viruses thanks to a limited access for developers to the App Store and the apps are simpler and of better quality. Besides that, they are more user-friendly and have more & better privacy settings.

Apple makes it even easier to switch!

Do you think it is a hassle to switch operating systems? Don’t worry! Apple helps you switch from an Android device to an iPhone with helpful tips and tricks. From this fall there will be a new app available called ”Move to iOS” which assists you in moving your content – such as email, contacts or photo’s – from your Android phone to an iPhone. Until that time, you can transfer your content via useful setting or handy apps such as ”Copy My Data” or ”AT&T Mobile ”. Now it is just a matter of time before it’s counterpart is released, helping you move your content and contacts from an iPhone to your brand new Android phone.

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When you have made a decision about which product to buy, you have to decide if you want a contract or prepaid. Whether you prefer an Android or Apple device, with both phones you can top up the prepaid credit of your provider. You can do this in an easy and fast way online at .

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