What You Need To Know About ‘Burner Phones’

Ever heard of a burner phone? Nowadays they seem quite popular in several countries around the world. This raises the question what a burner phone actually is? And why would someone use it?

What is a burner phone?

A burner phone is another name for the prepaid (smart)phone. You can top up the credit of these phones before using it, hence the term ‘’prepaid’’. Users can top up anytime and anywhere they want. They do not have to register their personal information anywhere which makes it easy to use anonymously. The burner phone has gotten its nickname because it cannot be traced back to the user. Most of the time, the device is used for a short period and disposed afterwards. You can use it for whatever (shady) business you want and then toss it away – also called ‘’burn it’’. For many people this seems unnecessary or a waste of money but it is a simple way to cover your trails. That is why burner phones are often used in the criminal network.

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The use of burner phones

It is known that burner phones are used by criminals. That is why these devices are not allowed in India. It is possible to buy a prepaid phone and top up the credit. However, the difference is that you need to undergo a verification process. Once you’ve finished the verification process, you are not anonymous anymore and your device can be traced back to you. In many other countries it is possible to buy a burner phone, for example in the United States.

Why would you want a burner phone?

There are several reasons to buy a burner phone except for criminal activities. Using the device guarantees your privacy, for example when you want to buy or sell something online. If you want to keep your number private, you can block it when you call someone. However, this is not very handy for business purposes. Are you using a prepaid phone? Another way of using a separate private number is by installing the app ‘’Burner’’. With this application you can create multiple numbers to make or receive calls. Or you can get a real burner phone. You purchase the device and top up the credit before using it. You can easily do this on sites like Recharge.com, no registration needed. After usage, you can throw the phone away.

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