How To ‘Steal’ A Twitter Background

Although many of us don’t like to admit it – it’s true, first impressions make a difference. And although many old-fashioned people don’t like it – Social Networking is the heart of business and brand marketing.

Since 2006, Facebook has become a vital tool for businesses to market themselves. More recently, Twitter is also becoming another tool on which businesses interact with their customers. As the number of users grow, businesses and individulas alike want their profile to stand out, to be the best. A background image makes a world of a difference.

How to steal a Twitter background

1. Find a Twitter background you like. In this example, we will be using the background currently used on our Twitter page (@technouzcom).

2. This works best in Google Chrome, but should also work without any issues in Firefox or Internet Explorer. Hover your mouse over the background, right click and select something similar to view page source.

3. Hit CTRL+F  on your keyboard to find a specific string of letters/words. Search for: background.

4. For us it was on the 165th line of code, but all you need to do is search for a background code string with a URL.

For example:

background-image: url(

5. The URL 

is the link to the background image. Save it to your hard-drive and voila! Piracy at it’s very best!

Need Inspiration To Steal?

Below are some stunning Twitter backgrounds we stole. We thought you might like them too!

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