How To Backup With EaseUS Todo Backup

We all rely heavily on data and it is extremely crucial that we have a backup plan to prepare for us in case a disaster was to happen. With EaseUS Todo Backup, it allows you to clone partition , move windows to ssd and clone hdd to ssd.

Solid state drive has become cheaper and there are a lot of people who have used it for their primary boot-up drive. It used to take anywhere between 30 seconds to a few minutes just for Windows to finish booting and all ready to be used. SSD would reduce a lot of the loading time and you can now even boot up in as little as 10 seconds or less.

That’s where you will need help to clone partition and EaseUS Todo Backup is the perfect solution for you to move windows to ssd. It is by far the world’s most popular backup software with more than 6 million users all around the world. Not only can it clone hdd to ssd, but it also can be used for backup and disaster recovery purpose. It even has a one-click system where you can fully automate all your system, files and applications backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Previously for a normal end-user to be able to clone partition , there is no straight forward solution that is available in the market. You would have to perform many steps and it certainly requires you to have a certain level of computer knowledge in order for you to move windows to ssd. That’s not the case anymore with this clone partition software.

The latest version 8.6 has further improved on the system recovery function as well as for system clone on GPT drives. It also provides support especially for those of you who have migrated to the latest Windows 10 . You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues any longer.

The intuitive user interface really helps a lot especially if you want to clone partition or clone hdd to ssd. As long as you can follow the on-screen instructions and step-by-step wizard, you can easily move windows to ssd. That’s the beauty of EaseUS Todo Backup.

It also supports almost the full modern range of Windows OS right from Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the latest Windows 10. The next time you need help to clone partition, move windows to ssd or clone hdd to ssd , then EaseUS Todo Backup is the solution that you should be looking for.

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