Best Free Alternative For Intuit QuickBooks Cloud-based Business Management

Wave Apps Accounting

Intuit QuickBooks is a completely cloud-based business management platform that allows you to manage your accounts quickly, easily and collaboratively. However, most small businesses, start-ups and individuals have little budget to spend on a platform to manage finances.

Thankfully, the amazing developers at Wave Apps have released an almost equivalent platform free of charge.

With mobile in mind, the Accounting software from Wave allows you to manage businesses of any scale from a browser. You can create invoices, take payments and conduct your payroll quickly and easily.

My favourite features of this platform is the fact that it is completely free (they only collect affiliate commission if you hire one of their ‘recommended’ accounting services – which are never forced upon you). Furthermore, there is fantastic integration and compatibility with many chosen platforms. For example, you can automatically sync your bank account transactions as long as you have an online banking account. Currently, this service is already compatible with an incredible 10,000 service providers.

During my test on the platform, I found it very easy to sync customers from Google Contacts and bill them for expenses. Wave Apps’ software deal with emailing a digital invoice to your customer where they can choose to pay online using their card via Stripe. You can set a due-date for the invoice, and if the invoice remains unpaid the Wave Apps platform automatically sends reminders to your customers.

Wave Apps Accounting Transactions

Unlike many other paid options, Wave Apps doesn’t force you to take payments online. You can choose to disable the option of taking payments online and instead deal with Cash and Bank Wiring. Since your Wave Apps account can be synchronised to your Bank Account – it will automatically recognise incoming payments as invoice balances! This is a key feature for growing businesses that want to avoid accounting and finance staff costs – the app does many of the small tasks for you!

Top features

  • Sync to your bank account and automatically verify incoming and outgoing balances from the Wave Apps dashboard – without ever having to login to your online banking portal
  • Customisable invoices with no watermark
  • Take online payments with Stripe
  • Take card payments over the phone with Stripe
  • Not limited to how you can take payments
  • Clean, responsive and simple-to-use, browser-based platform
  • Upload scans/images of receipts and they will automatically be decoded and placed under unverified transactions until you verify them
  • Manage automatic salary and payroll (currently US and Canada only)
  • 100% free with absolutely no limitations. Pay for 24/7 support or professional services

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