Vallie Makes Parking In Central London Cheap & Easy

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Vallie, the UK’s first on-demand valet parking service, is now available across central London for the first time from today. Customers are now able to use their on-demand parking services and simply drop off their cars at their destination of choice. A Vallie driver will meet the customer at the drop-off point and take the car to a pre-approved, secure car park. The Vallie app updates customers on their car’s location throughout the parking experience and cars are returned to any chosen destination within fifteen minutes.

Vallie’s expansion follows a successful pilot in the City of London late last year in collaboration with the Barbican’s car parking facilities. The first month of the pilot (16 November – 15 December) saw over 500 app downloads and 75% of first orders coming back for a second order within the month. The wider expansion will see Vallie working with a number of commercial car parks across the capital.

Value claims that all drivers are highly qualified and hired following stringent interviews, a driving test and background checks. Vallie drivers are insured for up to £100,000 damage on the car and up to £10 million third-party liability while driving. All cars are parked in reputable commercial car parks with CCTV and secure barriers.

After initially offering on-demand parking services, Vallie have this month increased the range of services offered. Customers can now also bundle the following on-demand services to their parking experience:

  • MOT checks
  • Electric charging
  • Fuel (Petrol and Diesel) refills
  • Screen wash refills
  • Car wash

Early usage data suggests that Vallie has been most popular amongst 30-55 year-old working professionals. The peak drop-off time for parking was during the morning rush hour at 08:15 and the peak return time was 18:45.

What may appeal to mist people is the simple, transparent and affordable payment structure offered by Vallie. Parking is £5 per hour with a drop-off anywhere within London’s Congestion Charge zone, up to a maximum of £25 per day. Comparing this to alternative it becomes immediately clear that Vallie offers a ver competitive service.

Parking in the Congestion Charge Zone of central London is on average £4.80 per hour and up to a maximum of four hours. Just outside the Congestion Charge zone parking costs £3.70 an hour. In addition, commercial car parks charge £45 per day and many require advanced booking and parking season-tickets. These standard parking tariffs do not include the inconvenience and time spent looking for a parking space.

Vallie on the other hand sends out a driver on a foldable foot-scooter to meet at your location booked via a smartphone app. You then hand over your car to the driver and set a collection place and time. When you are ready to collect your vehicle, you can set any location within the service zone (currently central London) and your car will be available to collect within fifteen minutes.

Vallie Parking Driver Scooter

Unfortunately, however, although it has been dubbed the UK’s first on-demand parking service Vallie only operates in half of the London Congestion Charge Zone. This includes all catchment areas within the Ring-Road on the northern side of the River Thames but excludes Westminster. In addition, Vallie users will also need to take in to consideration the Congestion Charge tax when driving their vehicles in to the City of London.

Vallie London Service Map July 2016

CEO of Vallie, Nash Islam says:

We are excited to be scaling up our secure, convenient and affordable solution to parking challenges across London. We are also planning a future where parking is more effective, decreases congestion and cuts down on parking space, freeing the capital up for housing and green spaces. We think of Vallie as a DHL for cars, and in the future, want to create car parks that help manage the flow of traffic, while safely and cheaply storing and maintaining cars inside.

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