How To Install vShare/App VV (Installous Alternative)

Although Installous was the very first jailbreak-community app that let us download AppStore apps for free, it is by no means perfect. Whether you are sick and tired of waiting for downloads, errors, or just want to try something new, vShare is the best alternative!

How to install vShare

Before you start, you may also be interested in AppCake, another free Installous alternative. To see a full list of Installous Alternatives check out this article.

UPDATE: Since December 2012, Hackulous has shut down so Installous no longer works for most users. Therefore it is recommended you install AppCake as a Installous alternative instead by following the instructions in this post.

UPDATE 2: Another method to install vShare using AppSync can be found here. This method does not require Installous.

UPDATE 3: This method still works for some iPhone users. To avoid the Installous error appearing, turn airplane mode on before step four.

Step 1: You will need a jail broken iOS device with Cydia and Installous. For instructions on how to Jailbreak click here. For instructions on how to install Installous click here.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and go to Sources and add the source:

Step 3: Once the packages and releases have all been updated search for App VV or vShare. Download and install this package the usual way and then restart your springboard.

Step 4: Now launch Installous from your springboard and go to your downloads. The package you just downloaded from Cydia should be listed under your downloads. Touch on it and then install it.

Step 5: Finally, restart your device to ensure all installing files are updated. You should now find an app titled vShare on your springboard. (Previously App VV, renamed vShare in an update late 2012).

For a quick overview of this Installous alternative, check out the video below:

video currently unavailable.

To see a full list of Installous Alternatives check out this article.

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