AutoTweeterPro Lets You Use Tweet Loops To Post To Your Twitter Timeline

AutoTweeterPro is hands down the best software for scheduling tweets and loops to your twitter account around today. Before creating this post, i set out to find a ‘top 5’ to share with readers. Unfortunately, the companies behind the alternatives were too arrogant to comply with our requests in order to get a full comprehensive review done. As if that wasn’t enough – most other software didn’t work!

A quick Google search for Twitter Looping will only show you how to add scheduled tweets to TweetDeck and HootSuite. Scheduled tweeting is great! But takes a while to setup, and needs to be setup again and again.

AutoTweeterPro is simple. Take an .xls file (Microsoft Excel 1997-2003) and fill up the first column with as many tweets as you like. (We tried 300 via @HipHop_Revolt and it worked like a treat). Setup the application with a custom twitter app, easily created by following the useful readme and documentation files and hit ‘Start Tweeting’. Configuration will allow you to set Tweets to be randomly posted between any set time period(s). That’s it. Leave your computer on and the lightweight application will happily run in the background, tweeting to your timeline.

This is an incredibly useful tool for those who do not have time to post to their Twitter account, or need to run regular tweets for promotions. A free unlimited trial is available at It allows you to post upto 5 tweets in one go. Upgrade to pro for only $25 and all limitations are removed!

Overall, this is definitely the winner for auto tweeting and loop tweeting. It’s lightweight and doesn’t require installation and is ready to go in 5 easy steps.

PROS: lightweight, easy to use, well documented, works with the latest API changes, can send unlimited number of tweets, set the loop to restart, random time interval, fantastic support response time.

CONS: only support for one account at a time, desktop application needs to be left running for tweets to be processed.

Check out the screenshots below:


Here’s a video demonstrating the this incredibly lightweight yet powerful app in use:

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