How To Install Kuaiyong (Installous Alternative – No Jailbreak Required!)

Since the death of Installous we have given you several Installous alternatives. Most of these have been free but do require a jailbroken device. Kuaiyong, from Chinese developers, seems to be the first of it’s kind. It does not need a jailbroken device to install modified IPA app files – it uses its own exploits to install applications to your device through the Apple sync cable.


How to install Kuaiyong

Before you start, you may be interested in some other Installous alternatives we have listed here.

As mentioned before, Kuaiyong does not require a jailbroken device. Though this alternative should work with most devices and iOS versions, the developer has not yet released full details. We will update this post when details emerge.

Step 1: Head over to the Kuaiyong website from a desktop computer and download the the application. Currently, only a Chinese version of the application is available from here.

Step 2: Double click the .exe file to run the install. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process. This is usually done by click ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’ on all steps.

Step 3: After clicking ‘Finish’ on the last installation step, start the application. The UI is pretty much self explanatory for users familiar with other platforms. The video below explains the layout of the UI quite well.

Step 4: To Install an application connect your device. Using a similar method to BitTorrent the application will download apps to your computer. You can search for apps using the search bar located at the top of the user interface.

Step 5: Once the download has completed the app will automatically be installed to your device if connected. If your device is not connected when the download completes, you will need to head over to the Downloads page of the Kuaiyong application and click the install button next to the application.

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