Advertise your business on Technouz and drive more traffic to your website, or increase your awareness to Google. Setup a backlink to improve your Page Rank and appear higher on Google search results!

Technouz currently offers a range of advertising formats built to suit you. You can choose from individual banners, to custom packages and even complete site takeovers! Our prices are extremely competitive as we do not have to pay commission to advertisement management companies – in fact we are so confident we are giving the best deals, we guarantee to match a lower quote under the same conditions!

Below are the range of ad formats we support. Traffic information, proof and Google Analytics data is available upon request for all contracts above £150 ($200 USD).

Please read through the information below on advertising packages and formats we currently support, and when you are ready contact us for a quote.

Single Ad Spots

Below are the most popular adspots available on our site. All spots below are subject to being rotated with a maximum of three other advertisements. Non-rotational adspots are available upon request only.

  • 125×125 on right sidebar
    all pages: $1/week | $5/month
    (2 spots available, may be rotated)
  • 300×300 on right sidebar (below search box, above fold)
    all pages: $10/week | $40/month
    (may be rotated with a max. of three other ads)
  • 300×250 on right sidebar
    all pages: $7/week | $30/month
    (appears below fold alongside content, may be rotated with a max. of three other ads)
  • 728×90 header alongside logo
    all pages: $20/week | $50/month
    (may be rotated with max, three other ads)

Backlinks/Post Links/Link Exchange

We offer backlinks from our useful links page at $5 per link. We also allow guest posts with up to two backlinks for $60, or targetted backlinking throughout our posts for $5/link. We have great promotional prices for those looking to purchase bulk links.

Ad Packages

No ad packages currently created.

Brand Awareness / Site Takeover *NEW*

Take over our site and give your brand the recognition it deserves! This takeover package includes:

  • Our logo customized with your brand. For example, you can change the colour of our logo, add the text ‘sponsored by YOUR COMPANY’ or play with it as you please.
  • Three facebook posts, or three tweets, or a combination of both from our official socialnetwork pages per week
  • One 125×125 banner spot
  • Two 300×250 banner spots. (One will be rotated with other ads, the other will be static).
  • Banner spot at the end of every post (upto a maximum size of 300×300)
  • One guest post for the duration of your campaign
  • One 728×90 banner in the footer

This package has a base cost of $100USD per month on a maximum contract length of one month.

In-video Advertising

  • 5 second static image displayed at the beginning or end of our videos
  • Your song played in the background of our video – see an example.
  • Your product/business reviewed in a video

Custom Advertising Spaces

If none of the above formats suit your needs, we can design or ad custom formats. For example, we may add a 300×900 skyscraper ad in the sidebar, or a 728×90 banner in the footer. If you are looking for really targeted advertising, we can even place your ad within posts – or link keywords to your website/business!

The only ad formats we will never support are pop-ups.

Product/Service Reviews

If you have a product or service you would like us to feature or review on our website please contact us with your product details. All our reviews consist of:

  • full written review at
  • unboxing video on our YouTube channel
  • video review on our YouTube channel
  • written and video review on the product’s Amazon page (where applicable) using our high-ranked Amazon review account

We have a strict ethos and review conduct to follow where all our reviews are 100% genuine. Though we try our best to be positive with any products or services we review – any potential flaws and problems will be pointed out. The purpose of our review is to give free and impartial feedback and recommendations on what is available in the world of technology. Some examples of reviews we have carried out can be found here.

Traffic Proof & Social Reach

Traffic proof, demographic details and the extent of our social network and internet reach can be found on this page.

Purchasing Ad-space

If you are ready to purchase an ad space or simply want more information, please contact us. Please do not hesitate to address any queries you have and if you require any additional proof or traffic information we will be happy to help. We also run promotional pricing campaigns so ask about those too!

To purchase an ad-space, please contact us or use the form at the bttom of this page.

Contact Us

You can use the form on the contact page to get in touch with us. Alternatively, drop us a direct message through support [at]