X-Mini UNO Capsule Speaker (XAM14, Ceramic Driver) Review

I reviewed one of the very first X-Mini capsule speakers a few years back and I was thoroughly impressed. Ever since, the second-gen capsule speaker has been my go-to portable speaker for all occasions.

More recently, I have got my hands on one of several updates of the capsule speaker range. This one is branded as the X-Mini Uno Capsule Speaker and here’s my review…

X-Mini Uno Ceramic Driver

Initial Impressions

At first it seems very little, or almost nothing has changed. The grill at the top of the speaker now has more attention to detail which gives the speaker a more premium look and feel. The new Uno also has a ceramic driver which makes the speaker weight a little more – significant enough to notice the difference when holding the older second-gen and the newer Uno in my hands.

Sound Quality

For it’s size, the X-Mini is still the best portable speaker in my opinion. It packs plenty of bass and clarity inside such a small shell. The ceramic driver is clearly something X-Mini have taken from problems with their previous models. The second-gen capsule speaker was very light and hence moved across the table when a bass-heavy song was played. The ceramic driver in the new Uno means it is not only heavier but the clever weight distribution means the speaker is less likely to move about due to vibration. This brings a huge improvement in the clarity of music, especially songs with plentiful low frequencies.


There really isn’t too much to say. The X-Mini remains my favourite portable speaker. Battery life is well beyond 10 hours on a single charge and it’s small enough to take anywhere. The X-Mini isn’t as loud as any desktop setup – but it can easily fill a bedroom with sound.

Though the Uno lacks any wireless and bluetooth connectivity – it makes a great little speaker for those looking for something simple without any gimmicks.

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