X-Mini WE Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I have said it time after time, X-Mini speakers have always thoroughly impressed me – and the WE is no different.

Similar to the ME series, the X-Mini WE speaker is a minuscule portable speaker with aux-in and bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to boost your audio sound and enjoy your music with better bass, depth and clarity.

X-Mini WE Banner

It features a reasonable 31mm driver producing 1.5W output. Also within the 45mm by 40mm shell is bluetooth connectivity with one-touch NFC pairing. This makes it incredibly easy to carry the speaker around with you and connect to new devices on the go.

After charging the speaker for 1.5 hours you’ll have enough battery for six long hours of continuous playback. Either plug in the auxiliary cable provided and start playing your music – or switch it into bluetooth mode and bring out your bluetooth-enabled media player, tablet or smartphone. If you have a conventional bluetooth profile on your device, just head over to the settings and pair it up with the speaker before you start playing. If you have NFC enabled on your device just tap the WE speaker to your media device and voila! – it’s connected.

What makes the X-Mini WE speaker so special is exactly what makes X-Mini so special as a brand: clear-cut innovation. X-Mini have managed to pack a whole bunch of features into such a small shell and have really lived up to their slogan: sound beyond size.

X-Mini WE Speaker

Personally, I love the WE speaker. It’s small enough to attach to my keys and gives me several options on how I want to play my music. It makes a great backup speaker for when my headphones aren’t there or for when I want to share my music. The fact that I can use bluetooth means I don’t have to carry any wires around with me and leave the speaker on my key chain for when it’s needed.

Given that I won’t be always blasting music through the WE speaker – I probably won’t need to charge it too often either, thanks to the six-hour battery life.

And finally, something for those who think this is just a toy…

Build quality is excellent. The speaker feels like it has been built to last and do a job, properly. There is great attention to detail and upon close inspection of the engraved logo, curved shell and power-toggle-switch I feel X-Mini have undoubtedly ensured they are making a quality product.

I leave you with my video review below:

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